Betty Boop Fine Bone China Egg Cup & Spoon

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Betty Boop Fine Bone China Egg Cup & Spoon

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Betty Boop Fine Bone China Egg Cup & Spoon
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Betty Boop Fine Bone China Egg Cup & Spoon
Height Width Depth Weight
15cm 12cm 7cm 260g

Betty Boop Fine Bone China Egg Cup & Spoon


Welcome to our new Betty Boop Dinner Service range made from top quality fine bone china. This new Betty Boop egg cup and spoon come in a matching design gift box for extra effect ! The set contains 1 x egg cup and 1 x spoon both made from fin bone china with a Betty Boop Hearts design and the words BOOP A DOOP  inscribed on them. The approximate dimensions of the spoon are 13cm long by 3cm at the widest point, and for the egg cup it is 8cm tall by 6cm wide and deep. The dimensions and weight of the packaging are shown above.  And the image for this product shows the front and rear view of the product.


Our Betty Boop new product range for 2007 is going from strength to strength and we are dedicated to bringing you the best products from all over the world, with many new and exciting products to come later this year ! But thatís not all we have to offer you the Betty Boop collectors and fans ! For now we have the best of the latest releases in stock and ready for you to order now today ! And we are working as hard as we can so you can have them first ! At the best and most competitive prices ! And we aim to have them on your doorstep and in your collection A.S.A.P. for your enjoyment ! You canít get any better than that !

Betty Boop History

Betty Boop didnít start out life as the character we all know and love today she was a human like dog in her first outing as a star in the 1930s talkartoon, Dizzy Dishes.  She was first brought to life by animator Grim Natwick, he took inspiration for her spit curled hair from a sheet of music, and her dog like inspirations came from her black button nose and her floppy long ears.  These ears then disappeared and reappeared as her famous hooped earrings.  Her first starring role came in 1931 in the hit Betty Coed.  After strict censorship laws were introduced in the mid 1930s Bettyís frisky image had to be toned down her skirt was given a bit more length and her dress had either straps or sleeves added to make it less revealing, to some fans this more reserved image wasnít what they knew and so thanks to less strict censorship laws being introduced and more modern times the Betty fans knew and loved has returned to popular form. This has made Betty Boop one of the world most famous and recognizable female cartoon characters of the last century. Fans have made her one of the most popular and collectable giftware ranges of recent years. All of our Betty Boop figures in this range are official licensed products released with the permission of king features syndicate and Fleischer studios have been made to the highest specifications and are of superb quality and design just for you to enjoy!

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